An Automatic Bagging Machine Will Increase Productivity

Any time a company is offering a product to consumers it is important to maintain quality control services and ensure that each customer gets the proper amount that they pay for. This must be done in a manner that is not only cost-efficient but also time-efficient and effective. The correct type of automatic bagging machine will solve any problems about quality and quantity control and provide a valuable and proficient way to handle food sorting and bagging needs.

Types of Packing Offered with an Automatic Bagging Machine

There are many bagging machine options to choose from depending on what is needed. Some of the most popular types of bagging machines are:

  • The combination, Multihead and Linear Weighers and Counters – these machines provide accuracy and reliability along with fast weighing or counting options. They give high performance and help minimize product damage while increasing sanitation. They also reduce product giveaway and are easy to program for any capacity. This machine is a favorite due to how it increases productivity and helps maximize efficiency and man hours. This type of machine is perfect for products such as biscuits, cookies, cereals, confectionaries, cosmetics, detergents, chips, jelly, plastic parts, medical devices, and pet food.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Baggers – these types of machines provide fast and accurate bagging options for companies that use pillow bags, zippered bags, gusseted bags, stand up bags or four sealed bags. The machines are made of stainless steel to provide the longest lasting construction available. The belts can be automatically positioned, and they feature auto film detection, color touch screen displays, dual servo control and auto centering film spindle. These machines are easy for anyone to operate and are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Augers – Augers are the perfect machine for filling items such as powders and granules. They provide high accuracy and reduce the amount of product waste. They also help decrease labor times and increase the shelf life of products. This machine can be used with bags, trays, jars or boxes.

Experience Matters
When it is time to purchase an automatic bagging machine quality and professionalism matter. Look for a company that has a long track record of providing excellent products and superior customer service. Since the machine that you buy will be used for many years to come it is also important to have long lasting support to help you with any issues that arise no matter when they occur.

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