Agricultural Hammer Mills for Sale in Oregon Provide Convenience to Farmers

A hammer mill provides an effective way to break hard objects into smaller pieces. It features a rotor with connected small hammers that can crush and compress a variety of materials. The selected screen that covers the opening determines the size of the particles extracted.

Though hammer mills are used in the pharmaceutical, beverage, and waste management industries, they are most commonly recognized for their agricultural value. These handy machines are capable of crushing corn, wheat, rye, and other grains to a desirable size. Hammer Mills For Sale in Oregon provide farmers with a simple way to transform raw cereal grains into suitable feed for livestock.

Having the proper-sized feed is crucial to a farm animal’s health. It helps ensure good digestion and nutrient absorption, which can both promote better stamina and performance. Dairy cows, swine, and chickens all need properly sized feed in portions appropriate for their size, age, and activity level. Feeding grains that are too small or large can have an overall negative impact on livestock.

How Hammer Mills Are More Effective than Roller Mills

Though both types of machinery can alter particle sizes, a hammer mill is more powerful and provides additional horsepower capacity. Farmers that typically grind several different types of grain may prefer a hammer mill because it allows them to easily switch between grains.

To change grains with a hammer mill only requires the screen to be altered, unlike a roller mill in which the actual machinery needs to be adjusted. The accuracy and performance of a hammer mill can be enhanced by replacing the screens when necessary. Since screens are generally located where the majority of grinding takes place, they can wear more often than other parts.

When comparing hammer mills for sale in Oregon, it’s important to consider the speed of the machinery. As the rotor moves faster, it results in more hammer hits to the materials. These additional hits can create an extremely fine-textured, finished product.

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