A Wagon Drill is a Powerful Piece of Drilling Equipment

Rock drilling and blasting sometime calls for equipment that is both powerful and portable. A wagon drill is a portable pneumatic drill that provides the perfect solution. Their name results from the wagon-wheel structure upon which they rest. The drill is just as effective above or below ground. They can also be moved by hand, or via a self-propulsion system. One wheel is located on either side of the mechanism and the drill is held in place by a “mast.” Stability is provided by a rear wheel that rotates on a limited axis.

Drilling Stability
Effective drilling is “stable” drilling. For a wagon drill to remain stable, a series of telescoping, stabilizing legs are used to hold the drill firmly in position. This benefits the drilling process because the drill does not have to anchor itself on stable ground to operate effectively. One thing to note is that rock drilling can be just a tough on the person operating the machinery as it can on the equipment itself.

You can expect wagon wheels to be made of heavy duty steel framing that can survive heavy knocks that drills will take on any construction or mining site. Operator fatigue is reduced through units that incorporate an auto-feeding drill bit and a self-propulsion motor.

A Wagon Drill Packs Power
While the wheels are compact in size, they pack a lot of power. For instance, it is not uncommon to drill a hole 4 inches in diameter, and up to 100 feet deep. These drills come in a wide variety as well. When the drill is utilized underground, the height of the mast is an important consideration. In mines or underground areas, there needs to be enough ceiling clearance for the operator to fully raise the mast. Otherwise, it makes it extremely difficult to position the drill bit in a vertical operating position.

An Efficient Tool
The drill is a highly valued piece of machinery that makes numerous drilling jobs possible. They save companies time and money. Companies or individuals looking to buy or rent a drill should only partner with the best suppliers.

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