3 Ways a Matchmaker is Better than an Online Dating Service

Lonely hearts everywhere have more help these days in their search for love. Out of the many choices out there though, giving matchmaking services a try is a great way to turn your love life around. Here’s why it’s better than an online dating service:


Sign up with a site, create a profile and wait for the invitations come in. Most times, though, none pan out. One probable reason for that is the fact that you aren’t meeting anyone who’s compatible with you. Compatibility is the edge matchmaking services have over online dating sites, USA Today says. A competent matchmaker will make sure you meet with the person who’s compatible with you especially in terms of your personality, finances, interests and faith, among other things.


Another benefit to hiring matchmaking services is that you get to cut through a lot of the time and effort normally wasted on dating the wrong people. Since your personal matchmaker already prescreens and filters your matches, you won’t run the risk of meeting up with someone who’s completely wrong for you on several levels. With filtered matches, dating in Boston is much more fun, easier and stress-free.


Have a busy schedule? Don’t have much time to invest in finding that special person? A matchmaking service steps in to help you make time, find the right people, and invest in falling in love. After all, you put a whole lot in your professional life—time, effort, passion. When it comes to your personal life, your lifelong happiness, why wouldn’t you invest the same time, effort and passion? With a matchmaking service, you find the help you need to get you started.


So if you’re still thinking about using a matchmaking service and wondering if it’s worth it, just ask yourself: how much is your happiness worth? That much? Then there’s every reason to push ahead.

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