A Smile As Bright As Tomorrow

There’s nothing like a freshly pressed dress shirt to make you feel ready for a big day or a brand new pair of comfortable shoes or even fresh, clean sheets on your bed to help you sleep better. Clean, uniform and new items are often more desirable than older items. But this isn’t always the case. An old worn-in baseball glove, favorite pair of pants or trusty purse are examples of items we would keep nine times out of ten if a replacement were offered. As much as we’d like to replace some items in our closet, it’s much more affordable and rewarding to take the time to care for these items instead. In the case of our health and bodies, this is all the more true.

Taking Care Of You

As we get older, our once new bodies start to show signs of age. We put weight on easier, our joints crack and sitting is always a welcome activity. So we go to the gym, watch what we eat and listen to our primary care physician when she suggests we take a multivitamin and eat more fish. Our teeth and gums, however, are parts of our body that sometimes get neglected. Flossing, brushing and regular checkups are imperative if you wish to keep your teeth healthy and functional.

A Shade Above Great

Once we start to feel good about a habit, one of two things happens: we get too comfortable and fall into old habits or we take that habit to the next level. The next step for healthy teeth is teeth whitening. If you smile a lot, take pride in your appearance or just want to have a healthy smile teeth whitening is the answer you’ve been looking for. Finding a dental office that specializes in teeth whitening service in Salinas and researching the available treatment is a great first step.

Types Of Teeth Whitening Procedures

Most dentists that provide teeth whitening in Salinas offer one form of teeth whitening procedure or another. Some offices use hydrogen peroxide gels that are put on the teeth. A UV light that helps to restore your teeth back to a healthier shade then activates the gel. This process can be done in 20 minutes with a whitening gel or in a series of visits. Another great option offered by offices is a custom-whitening tray you can use at home over a course of a few weeks. Whiter, brighter teeth are a great way to start the day and are sure to help you stay motivated to stay healthy for years to come.

For more information about healthy smile teeth whitening in Salinas contact TLC Dentistry.

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