3 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Printed Circuit Board Design

As customers demand more functionality in a smaller package, printed circuit board complexity can push the limits of in-house design capabilities. Outsourcing PCB design may be in a company’s best interests even when in-house services exist. Here are 3 reasons to consider outsourcing your printed circuit board design.


Ever-changing technology requires continuous updating of design software and component libraries. Technology upgrades can be time-consuming, costly and inefficient, and it can take months for new software to be selected and approved. Training in-house personnel on new software is a significant time commitment, and the resulting learning curve can further add to the design timeline. Outsourcing design services provides access to the latest technology without the burden of in-house budget cycles and training delays.


A new product or major redesign demands considerable resources. Existing in-house designers may be allocated to other projects, and hiring a new PCB designer may not be practical or cost-effective long-term. Design engineers, while skilled in schematic design, may be inefficient at PCB layout which can result in an extended design timeline. By outsourcing printed circuit board design on larger projects, companies can avoid taxing limited in-house resources while increasing design efficiency and optimizing the project timeline.


New, innovative products often require highly complex circuitry with design requirements that may exceed a company’s in-house capabilities. Even experienced PCB designers may not have the necessary expertise to accurately produce a high-density, multi-layer design. This can result in layout errors and costly delays in the project timeline. Up-to-date knowledge of manufacturing processes is also crucial to avoid defects and ensure optimum product performance. Outsourcing to an experienced company with both design and manufacturing expertise allows for better design accuracy and reduced error rate, as well as more efficient manufacturing. The benefits include lower production costs, higher yield, reduced time-to-market and a more reliable product.

Balancing high-level performance requirements with the desire to keep costs low and bring a product to market quickly can be a considerable challenge. Outsourcing of printed circuit board designs can provide the technology, resources and expertise necessary to meet stringent cost and scheduling goals while producing complex, high-performance products to meet customer demand in a highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.

When choosing a company for your printed circuit board design, consider whether the service provider has the technology and expertise to meet your needs. Extensive experience and current knowledge of design standards and manufacturing processes are key factors in a successfully outsourced printed circuit board design.

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