A Lighter Way To A Beautiful Face

We all know about facials and that there are many different types. Some are more coarse and intense than others, and depending on the skin needs of the client, the procedure will vary. With the ever-increasing amount of technology and innovation, particularly in the medical field, it is no wonder that state-of-the-art methods are being introduced and used all the time. You may have never heard of a photofacial, but you may find that it is a viable solution for you or someone you know. Photofacials in Chicago extend renewal and rejuvenation to a wide range of consumers, and you could be one of them.

What Is A Photofacial?

Of course, this is a type of skin treatment, and by using different kinds of light, it can help decrease the appearance of the face woes that plague many people as they age and mature. Some of these facials use LED lighting in which a thin beam of lighting encourages an increase in collagen in the cheeks or another area of the face. Counterintuitively, it is an easy method and there is very little heat felt.

IPL photofacials may be used for a larger variety of more intense conditions through a brighter and more intense stream of lighting. A hand-held device is used by a trained and knowledgeable professional, although more heat will be felt with this technique.

What Is It Used For?

A long list of ailments and conditions could benefit from either of these two treatments. Some common woes that befall men and women as they get older include broken capillaries, spider veins, lost collagen, brown spots, and wrinkles. Even those of a younger generation may use these techniques for acne and red spots. From twenty-year-olds to senior citizens, there is a nice range of consumers who can utilize the dramatic effects and overall safety of photofacials.

Safety First

Speaking of which, there are very few risky side effects of this method. That is why it is preferred by many day spas and cosmetic and plastic surgeons. With maybe just some swelling or redness for a day or two, there really is not too much for clients to worry about. The advantages of this secure and reliable procedure include repair of visible blood vessels, lessening the size of pores, treating rosacea and skin ailments, and stimulating collagen growth. With these results and very little risk involved, it could be the answer to your skin condition or your unhappiness with a worn and weary face.

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