A Basic House Movers Glossary

House movers, both local and long distance, have their own unique vocabulary. In order to help you understand some of the jargon, we have put together a brief glossary of useful terminology as suggested by those who used Nashville moving companies.


Whether you live in a house or apartment, the movers need access to it. They will define it according to how easy or difficult it is to get in and move your stuff as well as whether it has such things as stairs, and elevators

Agreed Delivery Date

When you sign the contract with the moving company, they set a specific date for delivery of your items at the designated site.

Agreed Pick-up Date

This term refers to the exact time, you and the company have booked for the

Bill of Lading

This is an essential document for any contract with commercial or house movers. It formally specifies

 * Dates
 * Services
 * Specific conditions
 * Actual charges
 * Method of payment
 * Insurance coverage

Read it carefully before signing.


This refers to the company who is moving your household or commercial property

Delivery Window

This indicates the actual period (window) for delivery. It may range between several hours or, in the case of long distance, several days.


This is the approximation of the cost of shipping your goods

Flight Charge

A charge for carrying items up or down stairs

Full Service Move

Indicates the mover will take care of everything from packing to unpacking

Local Move

A move within the boundaries state boundaries. Aka intrastate move

Long Distance Move

Any move that takes the house movers out of state


Items movers will not load and carry e.g. chemicals, perishables, plants, pets

Packing Services

The packing and unpacking of your items by the movers

House Movers

By understanding the terminology, you are reducing risks in selecting house movers. Be an educated consumer. It will work in your benefit for your Nashville move.

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