7 Reasons to see a Podiatrist

Often, our feet are the last thing we think about when it comes to our health. It is important though to know when it is time to see a foot care specialist in Westfield. Issues with your feet can be signs of more severe health problems. This makes it important to stay aware of issues and see a doctor when necessary. Below is a list of reasons when to see a Podiatrist.

1. You have joint pain in your ankles or feet:
If you are having an issue with swelling, redness or your ankles or feet are tender, you should see a doctor. Arthritis is very common and a doctor can diagnose it.

2. You are limiting activities because of heal pain.
If heal pain is a problem, there can be many causes. A tendon may be inflamed or you may have a heal spur. A proper diagnosis is necessary to get you back in motion!

3. An ingrown toe nail.
Anybody who has had one knows an ingrown toe nail is painful. A foot care specialist can remove part of the nail to treat it and prescribe medicine.

4. A corn or callus.
The most common reasons a person visits a podiatrist is for these. Your doctor can reduce the size of them and use cortisone injections to reduce the pain.

5. You believe you have a sprained or broken bone.
If you have pain, swelling, redness or trouble walking you want to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. The doctor can create a cast if necessary and diagnose the problem.

6. Diabetes.
If you have diabetes, you are more prone to foot issues ranging from infections to dry skin. A yearly exam is recommended.

7. You have started regularly running.
Shin splints and aches are prominent in runners. Seeing a podiatrist can help to flag a potential issue.

Even if you do not have any foot problems, regular checkups are still recommended.

If you need a foot care specialist in Westfield please visit our website for information. You can request an appointment online, call us at (908) 232-0410 or email info@westfieldfamilypodiatry.com.

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