6 Ways to Keep Your Rugs Dirt-Free

Your rugs contain a ton of dirt, dust, mold, and bacteria. Here’s how to keep it in excellent condition, one that would keep your rugs looking good as new for a good long while.

Start with the basics

Routine cleaning should include vacuuming your rugs to remove a lot of the dirt and dust in the fibers. Have pets? Then you’ll want to brush out the pet hair out of your rugs with a stiff brush since vacuums usually leave pets behind.

Turn them around

Foot traffic and exposure to the sun can put extra stress on one side of your rug. You’ll want to even out the wear on your carpet by flipping your carpet to expose the other side. Do this once or twice a year, the Better Homes and Gardens suggests.

Beat it

Have small carpets? You’ll want to carry these outside your home and start beating them to get rid of the dust, dirt, and grit. However, some communities may have ordinances against. Be sure to check your local codes or ask your neighbors before you go ahead and do this.

Read the labels

If you want to make sure you don’t damage the rugs, check their labels for washing instructions. This will help you figure out which cleaning methods will work on the rugs you own.

Hire pros

For rugs that cost you a lot, you may want to hand over the work to a professional. Look for a company that performs Oriental Rug Cleaning in Memorial. With cleaning experts to take care of your rug, you won’t have to worry about making a mistake that could irreversibly damage the material.

Do your homework

Don’t take chances. Be sure to pick a trusted firm for Oriental Rug Cleaning in Memorial. Look for positive reviews online to make sure you’re hiring the right company.

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