6 Glaring Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol-related problems often affect people in different ways. So while one person shows symptoms and signs, another one won’t. That can be one reason why some people find it hard to tell if their loved one is having problems with alcohol. Here, there are universal signs you can watch out for, says us.

1. You let things that used to matter to you go by the wayside.

These include your responsibilities to work and your family, even your hobbies, pets, and other things you used to care about. Now, the only thing on your mind is when the next drink, the next bottle, will be.

2. Your performance is suffering.

Whether it’s due to the many absences you filed for or your inability to concentrate on work anymore, it’s clear that your drinking is the problem.

3. You’re taking dangerous risks.

You’re drinking alcohol with your meds, even when the doctors remind you it could lead to an overdose or massive corollary. You’re drunk even when you need to use heavy machinery or power tools at work. You get behind the wheel and find yourself reaching for a can of beer.

4. You’re up to your ears in legal problems.

One probable reason is that you get caught driving while under the influence. Another problem is that, because you’re drunk and your inhibitions have gone out the window, you keep getting into scrapes, causing trouble, fighting people, and just generally making nuisance of yourself everywhere.

5. Your relationship is on the rocks.

That’s because your partner is upset about your drinking habits and you don’t want to hear that. So you get defensive or argumentative. In fact, you’ll say anything to take the attention off your drinking.

6. You think it relaxes you.

Reaching for a bottle after a long day at work is vastly different from reaching for a bottle every time. A shot or two to loosen you up and help you set aside the unpleasantness of the day is nothing unusual. But using alcohol to make you feel better every time something happens isn’t normal. If you think your drinking is simply one way for you to relax and recharge and yet something you can’t stop doing, then that’s not you drinking alcohol. That’s you abusing alcohol.

Getting Help

So don’t brush these signs aside. Help yourself. Get yourself into an alcohol abuse recovery center like ASAP Rehab in Pasadena. The sooner you seek out treatment, the better chances you have of a faster healing and recovery.

Need a reliable rehab? ASAP Rehab is an alcohol abuse recovery center in Pasadena that fits your needs. Call us today for an appointment.

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