5 Things to Do to Make Your Child Like Solid Food

It’s not always easy to start your baby on solids. Your baby might wince, cringe or simply refuse to eat those pears and apples or that oatmeal, banana or peas. Here’s what you can do to make her like solids:

Set a feeding time

Regular feeding times can help. Try it. It might be key to stopping her from choking, spitting or crying when you try to feed her solids, says Babble.

Time it right

Don’t start too or too late, though. While some babies are often ready for solids by the 5th month, some can take until the sixth month to be comfortable enough. It would be wise, then, to time it right before you start feeding her solids.

Every baby is different

You’ll want to factor this thought in whenever you’re tempted to force your child to start eating solids. Instead, observe when she’s ready. Don’t try to force her. That could lead to her developing an aversion to food more than she already has. That’s the last thing you’ll want to happen.

Feed her organic food

Skip store-bought meals and give her organic food. Don’t have the time to do it on your own, though? Look for a baby food delivery in Long Island. This should be a lifesaver for you. Now you have some extra time in your schedule because you won’t have to prepare the meals. Someone else—someone professional, trained and knowledgeable in preparing these meals—will do it for you.

Go for variety

If you keep feeding your baby the same food—mostly because it’s the only thing you know how to prepare—don’t despair. Look for a baby food delivery in Long Island to help provide your child with a number of meals to help her explore other flavors and tastes to widen her palate.

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