5 Things to Remember Before You Start Your Baby on Solids

Feeding your baby solids for the first time shouldn’t scare you. Read on for tips and advice to prevent mistakes and eliminate your worries.

Time it right

Get started when your baby is around 6 months old, the NHS says. If you feed your baby solids too soon or too late, that’s going to compromise her health and development so it’s important that you pick the right time.

Check for signs

Waiting until your baby is fully ready for solid food means she can digest and swallow much more easily. That’s better for her health and development. If she chews her fists, is still hungry after finishing her milk and wakes up in the night, these are possible signs that your baby is ready for solid food.

Prepare her meals

You’ll need to shop, plan and prepare your baby’s meals if you want her on healthy. Jarred baby food in grocery shelves isn’t going to give your child the vitamins and nutrients she needs so organic food is the better option.

Get deliveries

Not every parent has the time and luxury to prepare meals for the baby every day, though. If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on meal preparation, then look for an organic baby food delivery in the Upper West Side. With a delivery service, you won’t have any problems feeding your baby with healthy, organic food.

Look for variety

Ensure variety in your baby’s diet. When you prepare her meals or order from an organic baby food delivery in the Upper West Side, make sure there’s a bit of everything in her diet. You’ll want your child to grow up loving vegetables and fruits instead of French fries and junk food. By getting her palate get used to a wide range of options early on, she’ll love a variety of food and tastes.

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