4 Tips for Home Theater LED Lighting Installation in New York City

When you are designing the perfect home theater set-up, lighting should be a primary concern. Not only does it create the ideal ambiance for watching films and other media, but it also improves safety. Work with a professional service that offers LED Lighting Installation in New York City to ensure success.

1. Use Different Types of Lighting

You might love the look of recessed LED bulbs in your home theater, but don’t rely only on one type of lighting to illuminate the entire room. Interior design requires multiple light sources from different heights and angles to achieve a pleasing atmosphere in the room. Plus, multiple types of lighting will give you more control.

2. Try Sconces for Subdued Lighting

Wall sconces allow you to disperse light over a larger area while diminishing the intensity of the light. Talk to an expert in LED Lighting Installation in New York City about installing wall sconces around your home theater, especially along the back wall. Choose sconces that reflect the style you prefer for your home theater. For example, ’30s art deco sconces are popular choices for home entertainment rooms.

3. Consider the Floor

Running lights are common in home theaters because they reflect the design of commercial theaters and because they improve safety. Running lights are installed in the floor of your home theater, typically between aisles of groups of seating. Since LED bulbs do not generate much heat, they are far safer choices for running lights.

4. Consider Using Dimmers

Dimmer controls allow you to adjust the intensity of all lights in your home theater or just a select few. This is useful when you do not want to plunge the entire room into darkness or when you need to be able to see your remote controls to operate the television. Dimmer switches and dials give you far more flexibility in your home theater lighting strategy.

When creating a home theater, professionals in LED Lighting Installation in New York City will help you design a custom solution that fits your personal style and preferences while providing a safe place for friends and family members to enjoy movies. Contact Integrity Eletric to discuss your project in detail and to receive a quote.

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