4 Tips for a Successful Catered Event


Your choices matter, whether it’s choosing a company, a new hire or a caterer for the company’s big corporate event. Picking the wrong catering service can sour the party, negatively affect your credibility with the management, put an end to a potential business partnership or even damage an old one. If you want to make sure the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen, take a look at this list—with key insights gleaned from Smart Business—to know what it takes to make your catered event an absolute success.

1. To Start, a Successful Event Should:
–  All your goals were fulfilled. For instance, if you’re holding a fundraiser, did you raise enough funds?
–  You pulled the event off with low stress.
–  Everyone was able to eat enough at the event.
–  The event started on time, partly because the caterers were on time.
–  The food service flowed smoothly. Any problems were easily fixed.
–  Everyone’s dietary needs were provided for.

2. They Serve the Right Food
If your guests are vegetarians, then the food service must reflect their preferences as well. An excellent corporate caterer will know instinctively what food to serve during a daytime or nighttime affair. For instance, lunches should offer lighter food as heavy food would make the guests sluggish throughout the afternoon. That mistake isn’t something you want your team or clients to remember.

3. There’s Enough Food for Everyone
The right catering service will know the volume of food they must serve. All they need from you is an accurate headcount. If the food runs out or results in too many leftovers, then the event wasn’t as successful as it should’ve been. Not enough food can ruin your guest’s opinion of the event, one that could turn potential investors away.

4. The Service Matches the Business Environment
A great corporate caterer will know the difference between providing food service for the marketing campaign of a car dealership company and a funeral service. By providing a nuanced service, the right catering company can help you improve the quality of your service and your relationship with your customers.

Wrapping It Up
So don’t just hire anyone. Look for the right credentials and work ethic. You’re not only trusting them to cater the event, you’re trusting them with your company’s reputation as well. If they end up doing an excellent job, that’ll reflect back on you too so make sure you go with a decision you’ll be proud of.

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