4 Mistakes People Make with Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture can do a lot to make or break that space. Here are a few common mistakes home owners make, though, when they shop for patio or yard tables and chairs. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes when you set off to buy your own:

Forgetting it’s outdoors

Don’t let yourself be so carried away when you shop for outdoor pieces like a chaise lounge that you forget it’s for outdoor rather than indoor use. Factor in the type of materials that work with weather conditions common in your area and go from there.

Too much or too little

Some homeowners buy too much furniture that they end up crowding the space. Some put too little furniture that most of the backyard or poolside space is wasted. By buying just the right amount of furniture—instead of just that one, sad, woebegone lounge—then you can start putting that space to more use. When you have guests over, they’ll be able to enjoy that space better when you have enough furniture to accommodate everyone.

No plants

If your outdoor space is on the rooftop, for instance, you might want to put in a few potted plants to improve the scenery, says The Spruce. That’s going to add a nice, oasis vibe to your poolside space. Also, you might want to go for sweet-smelling plants or flowers. That’s going to make that spot even more relaxing for you.

Poor arrangement

Sometimes, it’s not the choice of a chaise lounge that’s the problem—it’s the arrangement. You might want to play around with the way you arrange your furniture. Don’t always go for the same style you’ve always done. Shake it up. Add pillows and cushions and tables. With stylish touches or a completely different arrangement, you can turn your outdoor space into an exciting hub of activity in your home.

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