4 Fun Fundraising Ideas to Sweeten Your Promotion

Fundraising may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is very important for so many organizations today. Why? Because it works and this year you might want to try something a little off the wall or fun for a change. Here are four exciting and fun fundraising ideas which can make things interesting and profitable.

1. “Night In” Event

Did you ever give a party or hold an event where no one came? This can be devastating but it doesn’t have to be. Why not hold an event in which you don’t want anyone to show up? This is not the freshest of fun fundraising ideas but it can be very effective.

Your participants only need to buy tickets to your event. There is no getting dressed and going anywhere. No one has to make a fuss, give speeches, or even worse, listen to long and boring speeches.

Promote your “no-show” event by stressing all the things your donors will avoid by participating. This kind of event has very low overhead and you can enjoy a successful campaign with minimal efforts.

2. Garage Sale

Garage or rummage sales work well for any large organization. Have people in the organization donate things from their home to a large garage sale. This will give everyone a chance to clear things from their homes they do not need, and the entire community can be invited to the garage sale. All proceeds go to the organization and fun fundraising ideas like these offer maximum profit with minimal cash outlay.

3. Aluminum Can Drive

This is a good way to get donations from people and they do not have to dig into their pockets to give. This promotion is excellent for schools. During the promotion, kids can bring cans to school one day a week. You can arrange to have a recycling truck at the school during this time. Keep track of how many cans each class donates and give prizes to the top classes. This will encourage competition and you may get a very large participation.

4. Pet Wash

If you still can’t come up with any fun fundraising ideas, try a twist on the old car wash promotion. People can bring their canine companions in for a cleaning and because most dog owners are not fond of giving their pets baths, this can be a very popular event. If possible, enlist the aid of a local vet or pet grooming service to supervise and train the volunteers.

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