3 Signs an Elderly Loved One Needs In Home Nursing Care in Farmington CT

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Assisted Living

As a person begins to age, doing what used to seem like easy tasks can become a bit hard. For the children of an elderly parent, helping them with these tasks can be difficult due to the time restraints posed by their job and home life. There are a number of alternatives out there that can help the children of elderly parents get the help that they need. Finding an agency that can provide in home Nursing Care in Farmington CT can be very helpful for all parties involved. Usually, there will be a number of signs that the children and loved ones of an elderly person will notice when it is time to get them this type of home care.

Having Unexplained Bruising

If an elderly person begins to have noticeable bruising on their body, then chances are they can benefit from having in-home nursing care. In most cases, this type of bruising will be caused by the senior falling on a continuous basis. Without a loved one or child stepping in and getting them the in-home care needed, an elderly person will be at risk of having very serious injuries due to their frequent falls.

The Inability to Go Shopping

Another common sign that a child or loved one of an elderly person may notice when in-home care is needed is their inability to get to the store. This inability can be caused by the senior’s refusal to drive or even a great deal of confusion regarding going out in public. Hiring an in-home care organization will be able to give the senior help with getting to the store and buying what is needed.

Extreme Clutter in the Home

A dirty and cluttered home can also be a sign that a senior is in need of in home care. A senior’s inability to clean their own home can be very dangerous. Having things laying all over the floors of a home can create a trip hazard for the senior. Letting an in-home care organization come in and give the senior’s a hand with housework can be very beneficial.

If the time comes where a senior is unable to live on their own, then be sure to contact the team at website for help.

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