3 Reasons You Need an Auto Repair POS

It takes more than hard work to run a successful auto repair business. While having the right team certainly helps, you’ve got to have the right tools as well. That’s what an auto repair POS system is. With the right one, you won’t just improve your sales, you’ll improve the way you and your team work.

Not quite sold on the idea though? Well, read on to find out why your business needs an auto repair POS and why it needs it now:

1. Efficiency. There’s always a better way to do things. That’s the basic idea of a POS system. Everything you need is in one place, so it helps you do all the work in a systematized, organized way. And because everything is integrated, you won’t have to waste time transferring data from one system to another when you key in the receipts or payment information of your clients. You won’t have to transfer data from one platform to another while you check your pricing and update your service rates. It’s all in one place, making the work go faster, much more efficient and easier to do.

2. Access. Because you can basically get any information you need, so do your team. If they’ve got access to the POS system, they can get whatever they data they need, no matter where they are. That kind of mobility allows your team to spend the majority of their day delivering services to clients without having to tie themselves down to a single desktop or unit simply to get their hands on whatever data they need. With the POS system, they’re free to access the data from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

3. Convenience. Imagine an integrated point of sale software that allows you to check, update and monitor your pricing as well as manage your services, and process client payments, all in one place? Using a POS system allows you to do all that and more. With an integrated auto repair POS system, you can shave time off daily tasks and operational responsibilities that used to bog you down for the better part of the day. Less time for all that means more time for your core business—whether that involves planning the organizational direction or vision of your company for the next 3 to 5 years or simply spending more time helping your teams or customers.

So start using an automotive repair point of sale system and watch it make difference in your business.

Get better business results with an auto repair POS. At eGenuity, our POS package has everything you need to upgrade your operations and service levels.

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