3 Reasons Gummy Bear Breast Implants Beat Traditional Silicone

If you’re in the market for breast augmentation, you might be wondering what kind of implants you should choose. You want implants that will hold up to time and movement, but still look and feel natural. When you look for Gummy Bear breast implants in New York, you’ll discover why they’re the best choice.

1. Variety of Shapes

As every woman knows, breasts are unique from person to person. You may be worried about augmented breasts appearing artificial, or you may simply have a preference for a particular breast shape. Gummy Bear implants come in a variety of shapes, ranging from oval to teardrop, to the traditional round. Breast implants aren’t one-size-fits-all, and the available Gummy Bear designs allow you to retain or create your body shape.

2. Low Complication Risks

Gummy Bear breast implants generally have lower complication rates than other popular types. This is due to the kind of silicone gel from which they are made. This gel is highly cohesive, form-stable and very strong. Because of these characteristics, Gummy Bear implants don’t fold or wrinkle the way that traditional silicone shell implants can, which means the risk of rupturing is low. Gummy Bear implants also have the advantage of holding their shape even if punctured or cut, which means they’re not subject to the leakage experienced by traditional silicone shell implants if damaged. To know more, click here.

3. Natural Look and Feel

The silicone gel which forms the Gummy Bear implants allows for a much more natural look and feel than traditional silicone implants. The implants are soft to the touch, and pliable while remaining firm and durable. With Gummy Bear implants, you don’t have to choose between structural benefits and a natural appearance and feel.

Gummy Bear breast implants in New York are by far the superior choice when it comes to breast implants. You get the best technology that breast augmentation has to offer while keeping the feel and shape of natural breasts.

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