3 Essential Considerations When Buying A Pouch Filling Machine

Buying any type of equipment for today’s production and packaging lines is not a task to be taken lightly. There are many different models on the market, and there are also many different manufacturers.

Getting the right size, type and features on any pouch filling machine you choose will be essential. However, it is important not just to purchase what is needed for today, but to also consider what will be needed in the future. This is essential to avoid having to upgrade or replace equipment after just a few years of use.

Know Your Manufacturer
When making a purchase of a pouch filling machine, particularly when you will need to operate multiple pouch sizes on the line, working with your manufacturer to choose the best and most versatile machine will be essential to keeping the costs of equipment as low as possible.

Some types of machines are not as efficient when going between large and small pouch sizes, and are a better choice within certain size parameters. A top manufacturer will be able to provide specifics on the various models and sizes of equipment they offer, helping you to choose the best match.

Pouch Patterns and Options
Often companies choose a specific type of bag because of a preconceived notion that this is the most effective or efficient choice given the product or products. The ability to work with the company offering the pouch filling machine to at least consider alternative bagging options is an essential part of making the best choice.

These companies have worked within industries and have a very clear picture of what pouch patterns and options work best for different items. Of course, the final decision will be up to you, but listening to and evaluating options is always a smart choice.

Construction and Operation of Equipment
Compare and contrast the different models and styles of machines with regards to construction and features as well as ease of operation. Ideally, stainless steel construction is the most durable option and also allows for complete wash down and cleaning operations as needed.

Operational ease with a convenient and intuitive touch pad control on the equipment is also a must. This allows the operator to adjust the settings as needed and also helps to eliminate operator error. Check the optional features, which can include a date code printer, product settler and a discharge conveyer, and choose the features that are going to help your production line speed up production and operate more efficiently.

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