You Can Have a Dazzling Smile With Tooth Whitening in Beachwood, NJ

Many people find themselves unhappy with the appearance of their teeth simply because they have discolorations and stains. As a person’s teeth age, the microscopic openings begin to grow in number and size, allowing stains to enter the dentin area where they become trapped. Thankfully, cosmetic dental whitening treatments have dramatically improved over the years, so people can get rid of their tooth stains and improve the appearance of their smiles. With Tooth Whitening in Beachwood NJ, people can regain their confidence.

Today’s whitening treatments are much more effective and even safer than they were ten years ago. To perform a treatment, the dentist will work to make sure all of the soft tissues of the mouth are protected from the whitening agent. The agent, typically a whitening gel, is applied to the teeth, and then the dentist uses a special UV or LED light to activate the whitening ability of the gel so it penetrates deep into the teeth.

Whitening treatments can remove all types of stains from foods and tobacco. Each treatment takes around ten to fifteen minutes and can be carried out consecutively until the desired color is reached. Once the dentist removes all of the stains, the teeth will be brought to their natural level of whiteness, which could give them a result of up to ten shades lighter.

The results of Tooth Whitening in Beachwood NJ, can last up to two years as long as a person is diligent in their oral hygiene practices. Those who are prone to tooth stains would do well to brush after meals that contain foods that are known to stain the teeth. Those who smoke should try to avoid smoking, as this will cause the teeth to be stained again in a short amount of time.

If you are tired of dealing with tooth stains and being ashamed of the way your smile looks, Visit website. This site is full of information on all of the dental care services they offer so you can make an informed choice on which treatments will benefit you the most. Call the office today and schedule your appointment.

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