Winning Your VA Disability Claim On Appeal

Many claims for veterans disability benefits are rejected. Some veterans give up while others hire veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania and appeal. You can lodge an appeal for any reason, the most common are:

  • There is a dispute over the actual existence of a disability
  • There is a dispute over whether your disability is directly related to your military service, or
  • There is a dispute over the level of disability

Making a winning appeal:

When you are preparing to appeal the decision made by the VA, think carefully about the reason given for denial or disagreement; focus on the issue and provide as much evidence as possible to support your claim. If you do not take issue with part of the decision, leave that alone; be very specific about that you disagree with, do not burden your appeal with extraneous matter.

Assume that the VA agrees that you are disabled but they do not agree that the disability has anything to do with your service. Obviously your appeal is going to include treatment records from your physicians as well as a statement from your physician supporting your contention. Although a summary of your medical records is acceptable, this form of evidence is not as powerful as the actual records. The VA will also accept statements from those veterans that served with you and can confirm your experience.

If the VA requests certain information or documentation, make sure that you follow through. The VA is detail oriented and may ask for the complete details of the physicians that are treating you, it is not unusual for them to contact the physician direct.

Hire a lawyer:

The appeals process is complex, any small errors or omissions will only result in further delay. It has been proven that applicants that hire veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania have a better chance of having their claim approved on appeal.

If your claim for disability benefits was not approved you should hire veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania to help with your appeal. To discuss your case in detail you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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