Window Styles for Your Home

Your window choice for your home can create an outdoor appeal that will be envied by onlookers. Windows are available in many shapes, sizes, and with varying features. Before you purchase new windows, you should know what the available options are for your home.

Single Hung

Single hung windows are a classic style of window. The window is partitioned into two glassed sections and the bottom half is moveable. Depending on the style you choose. The moveable part can tilt or move up and down.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are a popular choice that window installation companies in San Antonio offer. The windows are sectioned in two and both of them move and are operable. This feature makes it easy to clean both sides of the window pane.


Slider windows slide from side to side when opening. The panes are on a track that is attached to the window frame. There are many options when choosing the slider. One window can slide to provide a smaller opening or two to three sliders can move if you have a large window.


Bay windows are not flush with the indoor and outdoor walls of your home. With this option, the window panes come out at predetermined angles to give you a sense that you are bringing the outdoors inside. They can provide you with a panoramic view of your neighborhood and the outside.


Casement windows swing open using a turning crank system. The window panes are attached on opposite sides, allowing them to open away from you to let air in.


Windows can also be customized according to your needs. Different shapes can fit odd sections of your home with ease. Today’s windows do not have to be the typical square or rectangular shape, instead, you can find curved and circular windows to fit your home’s needs.

Window installation companies in San Antonio can provide you with all of these window options. Contact Shaw Company Remodeling online at to find a choice that is right for you.

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