Why Your Business Attorney Can Explain Trademarks and Copyright

Although the outside world regards every CEO as an expert in every area of their business, there are instances when they must turn to their business attorney in Minnesota for efficient and understanding advice. When you do not know the difference between trademarks and copyright, legal help is better than hopefulness with a popular search engine.

Ensuring Your Company’s Goods Are Not Stolen

The expenses of managing your company’s brand and its output will be substantial and ongoing. Protecting your brand and your image is vital and helps keep the competition away from your sales and profits.

Your business attorney in Minnesota will be able to explain how you can register trademarks and copyright to ensure your competitors cannot steal your vital marketing messages.


You can trademark anything that helps identify an individual, entity or your business. This includes symbols, logos, and slogans.

Trademarks of major companies are instantly known as you see the logos of Apple, Coca-Cola, and Google. You know you cannot use their trademarks to further your business without permission. Therefore, you can use the same protection to ensure that your trademarks are protected.


You wouldn’t expect to be able to use one of Rhianna’s songs as part of your marketing or advertising, without receiving specific permission, the same applies to any creative works that you generate in your business.

Where you produce words, movies, photographs or songs for your own creation, you receive an automatic copyright when you produce these business solutions. When you register the copyright legally through your business attorney Minnesota, you are protected for or against court action.

Your business attorney Minnesota will show you how to protect your brand so that you are free to market your intellectual property effectively.
Before you create a new company, it is better to clarify that your future trademarks can be registered and do not conflict with a competitor or non-competitor before you go to great expense to begin your branding.

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