Why You Should Make a Subaru Your Next Vehicle

Subaru has been around since 1953, but has recently been gaining popularity in America. This is because of the great design work was done by Subaru’s engineers that make them powerful, easy to handle, and reliable. Subaru is especially popular in areas of the country like Alaska that suffers from harsh winters. So, why is this and why should you make your next vehicle a new Subaru Forest in Naperville?

All Wheel Drive

Subaru offers several models in an all-wheel drive configuration that allows for excellent wet and icy road handling. Models like the Forester offer Subaru’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive. This is basically full time four-wheel drive and allows all four wheel to deliver power at the same time. This can have a huge impact in cold weather driving safety.

Rear Wheel Drive Trans-axle

For its rear wheel drive models, Subaru does not use a traditional transmission and rear axle. Instead, they use a rear trans-axle. This means that a drive shaft comes from the engine to the trans-axle. in the rear, which then acts as both the transmission and differential. Thanks to this balance, and by extension handling, is vastly improved over traditional designs. This allows for much-improved handling.

Easy to Find Parts

Subaru is a top choice of kit car manufacturers and for a good reason. Subaru parts can be found just about anywhere in the world. While they may not be as large of a manufacturer as some of their competitors, their footprint is much wider. What this means for you is that if you decide to take a road trip in it, then chances of being able to find parts if you break down are good.

This is just a few reasons why you should consider a Subaru as your next vehicle. In addition to being excellently handling vehicles, they are also generally more powerful and more reliable than their competition.

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