Why You Should Hire An Estate Planning Lawyer

If you are single or married with no divorce actions in your past, no step children, limited assets and all your assets are going to a single individual; there may be no need for you to concern yourself with an estate planning lawyer. Other than that, an estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana is actually a necessity. Sure you can save money when your circumstances are such that the DIY route is acceptable, but the moment your estate becomes complex, turning to an experienced lawyer make a great deal of sense.

If you are not:

   * Familiar with what has to be done and what decisions have to be made to ensure the disposition of your assets is carried out in accordance with your wishes, or

   * You don’t know whether the documents you create will stand up in court

Then you need an estate planning lawyer who can help with these and other extremely important issues.


When you work closely with an estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana you can be assured that he or she will take time to learn what is important to you and what you care about. The lawyer will be able to explain in clear, concise terms what decisions you should consider and why.


Unless you are legally astute, chances are that you will not be aware of the laws and rules in your state that apply to the disposition of an estate. Once you have hired a good lawyer, there are no further problems; your lawyer knows the laws and how best to apply them.

Dealing with complex issues:

The more complicated and complex your estate is, the more reason why you need help and guidance. There is much more to estate planning than simply writing your will. Depending on your circumstances you may be better off creating a living trust, providing tax-free gifts, etc. When you have a seasoned lawyer working with you, exploring these options makes a great deal of sense.

Even though you might think you can handle your estate without any help you may be surprised just how complicated a matter planning your estate is. If you want to hire an estate planning lawyer in Santa Ana you are invited to contact the Law offices of Norman J. Homen online at http://lawnjh.com/santa-ana-social-security-disability-attorney/

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