Why You Need A Social Security Lawyer

If what one hears about the complexity of filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits is even half true, then having a Social Security lawyer in Maryville to provide guidance and assistance would be very advantageous.

Statistically, more than three quarters of those that do apply for Social Security disability benefits have their application denied. It is when the application is denied that many people hire a lawyer. However, engaging the services of a lawyer to assist with the initial application often helps to get the benefits deserved without having to go through the complex and frustrating appeals process. Of course there is a caveat, the lawyer that is hired must be one that has the knowledge and experience in dealing with the myriad of rules, regulations and laws that pertain to Social Security.

Making a claim for Social Security disability benefits in a sense is similar to suing a party for personal injury; there is really no way to know in advance what the settlement will be. With this being the case, hiring a lawyer that will represent a client on contingency is the ideal approach. When a lawyer works on contingency there are no “up front” fees, the legal fee is paid directly from the back-pay granted to the applicant.

A Social security lawyer in Maryville that accepts the case on contingency does not get a percentage of the benefits that the client receives every month. The lawyer is entitled to a fee which is equivalent to 25 percent of the back payments the client receives once the claim has been approved. Even with this, there is a cap of $5300 that can be billed as fees.

A seasoned Social Security lawyer is intimate with the system that applies to applications for disability benefits. A lawyer is in a position to accomplish things that would prove to be extremely difficult for a layperson to do. A lawyer can gain access to the file that Social Security has on the case, this alone is extremely beneficial as the lawyer can properly evaluate those factors that have an impact on the eventual outcome of the case. A lawyer can get copies of all your medical records, review them for completeness, decide if other tests should be done and use everything as evidence to support the claim. As the majority of cases end up in a hearing with an administrative law judge, an experienced lawyer is indispensible.

Anyone applying for Social Security disability benefits will be far better off if they are represented by a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Maryville. For a free case evaluation you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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