Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Newton KS?

If you’ve been arrested, you may be wondering if you really need to spend the money on a criminal defense attorney. The officers may have caught you with drugs or have video evidence of the crime that you committed, and you know you are guilty, so you may think that it’s not necessary to hire an attorney. After all, at first glance it may seem like you will be found guilty and sentenced whether or not you have an attorney, so it may seem like it’s not worth the time or money. However, there are quite a few ways hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Newton KS can be beneficial.

Charges Dropped
In some cases, the reason you were detained by the officer, the way in which the evidence was gathered, or even the way in which you were arrested can all be unlawful. An attorney may be able to use one or more of these things to have the charges against you dropped.

Charges Lowered
If the charges cannot be dropped, the attorney may be able to have them reduced. For example, a DUI charge can sometimes be reduced to reckless driving, which means that you will have a lighter sentence and the charge may be able to be expunged at a later date.

Be Found Not Guilty
The prosecution has to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If your attorney can prove there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not you’re guilty, the jury may find you not guilty and you will no longer have to worry about the charges.

Sentenced to Treatment Instead of Jail
If you were caught with drugs or for a DUI, you may be able to go to treatment instead of being sentenced to jail, and in many cases if you complete the treatment the charge will be removed from your record.

If you’ve been arrested, even if you are guilty of the crime you are accused of, you will want to speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Newton KS before your first hearing. You may be surprised at the various ways an attorney can help you. For more information on criminal attorneys, you may want to visit legal websites like us today.

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