Why Might It Be Necessary To Have A Root Canal?

Although the exterior of a tooth is very hard, the interior has soft tissue which in turn includes nerves and blood vessels. Most of the soft tissue is in the tooth root which is below the gum line. A root canal in Glenview is a procedure where the soft tissue inside the tooth is removed because of an abscess or serious infection.

When a tooth begins to ache and the pain is accompanied by swelling and sensitivity to both hot and cold food and beverages, there is a good chance the cause is infection in the tooth pulp. Depending on the severity of the infection it may be possible to treat the problem with antibiotics; however, in most cases a root canal in Glenview will be needed.

Root canals are not painful:

Root canals have a bad reputation, for whatever reason the pain associated with procedure has been overblown, to the point where patients are very reluctant to undergo a root canal. There is no truth to this; the dentist will use the appropriate anesthesia and the entire procedure takes no longer than two or three typical fillings and the pain is no worse. Of course, there is bound to be some discomfort for a day or two but this is nothing to be concerned about.

The actual procedure:

In the greatest majority of cases a root canal in Glenview will only have to be carried out on a single tooth. The dentist removes the top of the tooth which gives him or her direct access to the pulp chamber. Using a series of very small instruments, the pulp, along with the nerves, blood vessels and infection is removed. Once the pulp chamber is clean flexible filler is put in the tooth center and finally the tooth is covered with a crown to ensure it does not break.

A root canal in Glenview is the preferred treatment when a tooth is infected. If you are suffering pain, swelling and your tooth is sensitive you are invited to make an urgent appointment with Dental Specialists of North Shore at https://www.endoperiosurg.com. Follow us on twitter.

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