Why Many Residents Use the Services of Cremation Companies in Bellevue, WA

Just a few decades ago it was uncommon for Washington state citizens to choose cremation instead of traditional arrangements. Today nearly 76% of Washington residents opt for cremation. That is one of the highest rates in the U.S. As a result of the increased demand, it is easy for families to locate high quality Cremation Companies in Bellevue Wa. Residents choose cremations because it makes planning and scheduling easier. They can still incorporate many traditional elements into funerals and stay on budget.

Cremation Is Compatible With Traditional Funerals

Although many families opt for no frills direct cremations, they can still arrange for traditional services. Funeral homes often work with Cremation Companies in Bellevue Wa and transfer bodies to them after services. Many families even have relatives embalmed, schedule visitation and then hold traditional services with open caskets. In these cases they typically rent specially designed caskets with removable liners. The body never touches the casket, which is used repeatedly. After cremation ashes are returned to families.

Families Can Afford Dignified Funerals

Cremation has also become a popular option because it allows families to conduct memorable, dignified services without going into debt. A traditional funeral often costs thousands of dollars, even without the expense of a burial plot or grave marker. Historically, that has posed a problem for cash-strapped survivors who wanted respectful funerals. Today they can often schedule dignified cremations for well under $1,000, with many costing less than $700. Once ashes are returned to them, they are free to conduct memorials that have special meaning for participants.

Memorial Options Are Nearly Unlimited

Some families decide on cremation so that they have the freedom to design unique send-offs. Many scatter ashes at sea or in areas that were important to the deceased. Cremains may be kept in beautiful urns. There are companies that offer custom options, such as adding cremains to memorial reefs. Ashes can also be planted with trees, made into jewelry, added to huggable animal urns, included in fireworks or even shot into space.

More than 75% of Washington state residents opt for cremation instead of burial, usually because of the low cost. The choice also makes funeral planning easier and offers nearly unlimited ways to memorialize deceased friends or relatives.

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