Why it is Smart to Use HVAC Experts for Heating Repairs in Concord, NC Homes

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Professional HVAC technicians can help keep your heating system in good repair, and reduce the chances that is will break down once cold weather sets in. They also offer fast help if systems do break down, or need to be replaced. Smart homeowners rely on HVAC experts when they need Heating Repairs in Concord, NC homes, because they offer services that include:

* EMERGENCY SERVICES: HVAC professionals know that heating systems rarely fail at convenient times, so they provide after hours service. They also know that broken heating systems can be health hazards during the coldest months, so technicians arrive quickly, with fully-stocked trucks. They are prepared to troubleshoot most problems, and fix many of them. Professionals will also provide a fair and accurate estimate.

* MAINTENANCE: It is wise to have your heating system serviced before you need it, and HVAC professionals offer tune-ups that make it cold-weather ready. Technicians will check the thermostat and flue draft, clean burners, check electrical connections, and lubricate moving parts. They will also adjust air flow, gas pressure, and the pilot light, as well as many other system checks. Sometimes routine maintenance will reveal the need for Heating Repairs in Concord, NC homes. Technicians can make the needed repairs, and reduce the chance of an emergency breakdown.

* REPLACEMENT: HVAC professionals are trained to install dozens of types of heating systems. If they find that your system is beyond repair, they can suggest a unit that is the right capacity for your home. Technicians may recommend replacing the heat pump and/or air handler. They may suggest a dual fuel system, which uses a heat pump and furnace. The best fit could be a gas or propane system, or a hybrid, with a heat pump and gas back up. HVAC experts can also design custom duct work.

* IMPROVED AIR QUALITY: Technicians can measure your home’s air quality. If they find that it contains contaminants such as pollen, chemicals, dust mites, pet dander, or mold, they will offer solutions. These may include electronic air cleaners, filtration systems, UV filters, and more.

HVAC professionals can inspect, repair, maintain, and replace heating systems, to keep them efficient. They can also help you improve your home’s air quality.
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