Why Choose a Fluke 279 Thermal Multimeter?

There are a lot of digital multimeters on the market today and some have some very sophisticated functions. However, a thermal multimeter offers a wide range of benefits to today’s technician. Here are some of the reasons to buy a fluke 279 model for your needs.

Two Functions in One

Today’s maintenance technician requires a lot of different tools and they can become bulky and troublesome to keep with you. For example, if you work in an operation which has a lot of control panels and heat is an issue, you may need to keep a thermal imager with you, as well as a multimeter. However, this is not a problem when you buy a Fluke 279, because you have both imaging and multimeter functions in the same compact instrument.

Functions and features

When you go with a combination multimeter and thermal imager you will enjoy these features:

 * Complete multimeter functions – you can check resistance, continuity, both AC and DC voltages, capacitance, diodes and many other things.

 * Thermal imaging capabilities – besides full feature imaging, you can store this data externally by sending it to your smart phone wirelessly.

 * LCD color screen

 * 80 by 60 resolution imaging

 * 10 hour life rechargeable battery

 * Full three year warranty

 * Auto shut-off helps save battery power.

Benefits of the Fluke 279

Once you purchase this multimeter you will notice some major benefits. For example:

Faster troubleshooting

Suppose your problem is related to a hot spot. With heat imaging functions, you can locate hot spots quickly and easily. Instead of going through all the trouble of tracing down circuitry, you can spot overheated fuses, wires, switches, relays and many different components. You’ll not only spot trouble faster, you can do so at a safe distance away.

Increased Functions

Checking electrical currents is easier because you can use iFlex (current clamps). Plus, because you have a larger viewing screen, it’s easier to take readings and view images. You’ll spend less time searching for instruments and charging the battery.

Easier Data Transmission

Because you can transmit data wirelessly, it is very simple to communicate your results to others. This can save a lot of time spent on validation reports. There’s no need to return to the office to retrieve data and then notify others. Just send it directly to your smart phone and email the reports and results in the field.

When you add up all the benefits you receive with the Fluke 279, you’ll see why it is becoming very popular in many sectors today.

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