Why A Living Will Matters

Many families are far from ready to deal with the administrative realities that come along with a traumatic life event. After all, most people find the topic of death and end of life treatment a morose, depressing and off-putting topic. But putting off that conversation can leave your family in the lurch. That’s why it is so important to make sure you leave explicit instructions about what you want to happen, should something happen to you. That is where a Living Will (sometimes referred to as Advance Directives) and Medical Power of Attorney come into play.

Living Wills are written statements of a person’s wishes regarding life-sustaining treatments. Some people prefer that their families keep them alive as long as possible, while others opt for a No-Resuscitation Clause. A Living Will is meant is to ensure that, no matter what you decide, your wishes are carried out, should you be unable to communicate those wishes to a doctor.

A Medical Power of Attorney is a legal document that names someone you trust to act as your agent to make decisions regarding your healthcare and medical treatment, should you be unable or incapable of doing so yourself.

The Benefits:

*   Someone to look out for your interests. By having a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney, you are in charge of what happens to you regarding life-sustaining measures and assiging someone you trust to ensure that those wishes are carried out, should you be unable to do so yourself. In the absence of immediate family, making arrangements through a Living Will can provide you with the protection and assistance you need at a critical time.
*   Ensure your beliefs and wishes are fulfilled. If you get involved in an accident and end up in the hospital, your Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney can make all the difference in whether you get the treatment you desire, and whether that treatment fully conforms to your beliefs and wishes. Some people may not approve of the types of medical interventions you would if you could. With the Medical Power of Attorney, you can ensure that someone has your interests at heart, and that they will make sure that your wishes are respected and followed.
*   Can make a difference in your recovery. In many cases, the extra time it takes to get in touch with your family can negatively affect your chances of recovery. When it comes to treatment, surgeries, and medical emergencies, minutes matter; with a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney, critical treatment decisions can happen quickly.


Taking care of your family does not only mean being there for them; sometimes, it means helping them take care of you when you can’t take care of yourself. Take the time to sort out your Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney. By having instructions in advance, you can help your family deal with a medical emergency and critical decisions with the peace of mind that they are fulfilling your wishes and desires. The alternative can leave your family having to make often gut-wrenching decisions and guessing what you would have wanted. With 10MinuteWill.com, you can can create your Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney by answering simple questions and following the on-screen instructions. Check out 10MinuteWill.com today to see just how easy it is to ensure that your wishes and desires related to your medical care are fulfilled.

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