Why a Ford Escape Should Be Your Next SUV

When you are deciding to buy a SUV, you want to make sure you are getting the best vehicle for the amount you are paying. Many people buy SUVs because of their size, all-wheel drive capabilities and durability. There are many reasons to buy a Ford Escape in Chicago; here are a few.

MyKey System

If you are buying an SUV for your company, or as a family car that one of your children will be driving, the MyKey feature could be a beneficial option. With MyKey, each key for the Escape has a microchip inside of it that is tailored to that driver. The key can control top speeds, radio volume, and gives alerts for seat belts. The top speed feature lets you choose a top speed up to 80 MPH, with an alert going off once they are close to the top speed. You can choose certain stations that won’t be allowed to play, and set a certain volume that the radio can’t exceed. It will also alert the driver sooner if the car needs gas. The seat belt reminder will go off every 30 seconds for 6 seconds and mute the radio until the seatbelts are buckled in the front.


The EcoBoost engines are great for the environment. Even though they are smaller, they can still perform up to 240 horsepower, depending on your engine size. This will also help with your MPG; some models can reach up to 30 MPG highway and MPG city. EcoBoost engines are turbocharged, which will force more air, which gives you more power. Even though it will give you more power, it won’t affect your fuel mileage; this can be a big plus for someone who drives on the highway a lot. EcoBoost engines also inject fuel more efficiently, subtracting steps that basic engines use.

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