Wholesale Furniture Manufacturers in Miami Deal in Classic Styles

Designing furniture is a difficult task because it requires many different skills. Designing and building furniture is a task like many others in that it requires something which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to reproduce. Wholesale furniture manufacturers like furniture that is easy to reproduce but also looks good. The difference is that furniture, unlike other kinds of art, must also be functional. For example, a chest of drawers can look incredible but if it does not function as a chest of drawers, no one will want to buy it. Other art does not have this same construct. This makes the design of furniture even more difficult. To that end, wholesale furniture manufacturers in Miami and elsewhere often look to classic furniture styles for inspiration. These classic styles are oftentimes very trendy and aesthetically pleasing. But more than that, they have proven they can stand the test of time. They will be functional as well as stylish for years to come because they have lasted this long.

Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is, as the name suggests, furniture manufactured by the Amish people of Pennsylvania. One of the distinguishing features of Amish furniture is that it is typically one hundred percent wood and usually made without particle board or laminated wood.

The furniture became popular in the 1920s in the United States when folk art became very popular amongst art dealers. Art dealers liked the simple style of the furniture as well as its utilitarian nature. There are many different kinds of Amish furniture that follow a lot of different styles. For example, the Jonestown school of furniture is the kind that is best known around the world. It is known for being typically painted furniture that is decorated using flowers. These chests are so famous that they are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as well as the Smithsonian Museum.

Wholesale furniture manufacturers are also drawn to the style of the Soap Hollow School. This style of furniture is named because it was invented in Soap Hollow, Pennsylvania. These pieces of furniture are known for being painted in bright red and gold as well as black. These designs are fairly typical of what is thought of as Amish furniture. These pieces sometimes abandon the painted style that was so popular amongst other Amish furniture makers which come from the German influence. Instead, these pieces are often undecorated and plain.


This style of furniture is very popular amongst wholesale furniture manufacturers in part because it is very simple to reproduce. Because some Amish do not use electricity, their tools must be powered by diesel compressors connected to hydraulic or pneumatic motors. This makes the furniture very simple and utilitarian, but much easier to reproduce using contemporary manufacturing tools.

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