Which Hand Dryers are Best?

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Business

When you begin looking at hand dryers for your restrooms, you’re sure to notice there are lots of choices, and you are probably wondering which are the best hand dryers for you to choose. Though there are many different hand dryers that can do the job efficiently and easily for your business, there are a few options that can make your dryers work even better for you. Here are some features to look for.

1. High Speed/High Efficiency. High-speed dryers cost a bit more to purchase, but these dry hands much more quickly. This means these use less electricity, saving you more money in the long run.

2. Variable Voltage. Variable voltage dryers work in multiple voltage environments, so you don’t have to choose your dryer based on the exact voltage of your building’s wiring.

3. Zero Chemical Dryers – Some dryers use chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Not only are these dryers less environmentally friendly, but these require maintenance, too. Zero chemical dryers are more environmentally friendly and require no maintenance, making these cheaper and easier to operate.

4. Dryers with a Good Warranty. Some dryers offer a five-year warranty, so you have no worries about replacement parts or repairs for five years.

5. Government Credits. Some dryers qualify for LEED credits, which helps you to receive tax breaks for installing the top energy efficient dryers. These can make the difference in allowing you to buy a more efficient dryer for the same money overall.

By looking for these five features when you shop, you’ll be sure to get the best hand dryers for your money. Work with your dealer to ensure you have exactly the dryers your business needs to ensure efficiency, cleanliness and cost savings. Once you’ve replaced paper towels with hand dryers, you’ll never look back.

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