When Your Project is Outside the Box- Custom Chrome Plating is the Answer

Before you throw up your hands in frustration because your project is not fitting the scope of the chrome platers you have spoken to, take note there is an option, custom chrome plating! A lot of firms that specialize in plating set the parameters of what they can and cannot do rather narrowly. The problem is not the project it is the platers that you are asking to help. They do not have the capabilities to meet your needs. All you need to do is to find the plater that offers custom options to help.

Custom Plating Options

The right company that has the right experience will be able to help you with all your product and part needs. Of course just because you need some custom work it does not mean that you should not:

  • Find fair pricing
  • Be offered a quick turn around
  • Precision plating

A custom order should not be treated any differently than any other order. You should still be able to receive the same value that is always offered. Fair pricing, a fair turn around period and precision plating. The right company wants to help you with your custom order and will do whatever it takes to see your project come to fruition. No is not an option when your project hangs in the balance!

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