When You Plan To Lease Your Rig – Here Are Some Helpful Tips

If you are a qualified semi driver you may be thinking about going out on your own and there are some definite business advantages with this strategy. However, you might not be sure exactly what to do. For example, should you buy, lease or stay where you are for now? Plus, what kind of lease is the best choice? Which businesses are leasing trucks to companies in Texas? Let’s explore some of these questions to help you with the decision.

Is Buying an Option?

Before you think about a lease, did you check into buying a new truck? Maybe you can afford a used truck. Even though you may be set on leasing, at least check out the possibilities. This way, you know you are making the right decision, because you have explored all the options available.

What Kind of Lease Are You Looking for?

You can find many leases available for truck drivers today. In fact, there are several businesses leasing trucks to companies in Texas. For example, do you want to lease from a freight carrier or go with a truck dealership that sells and leases vehicles? There is huge difference between the two.

If you go through a carrier you are signing a business arrangement to work for them for a specified amount of time. However, you might not have to provide a down payment or have good credit.

A dealership is there to lease you a truck and help you service it when needed. You do not work for them. They are there to take care of your commercial vehicle needs.

Not All Leases Are Equal

Before you sign papers, check out all the available choices with leasing. For instance, do you want a basic or full service lease? Some leases offer a great deal of extras like roadside assistance and a discount on short term rentals. You also may receive driver training programs, compliance and safety training, licensing, permits and many other valuable services.

Final Checks

Here are some important questions to ask businesses leasing trucks to companies in Texas:

 * Is there a down payment and how much?

 * What happens if repairs are needed?

 * What if I default?

 * Is there an option to buy the truck?

 * What about insurance?

 * How do I take care of licensing?

 * Who do I see for service?

It’s important to ask as many questions as you need to, when you check out leasing services. Plus, don’t let someone pressure you into signing anything unless you are 100 percent sure. Take your time and explore as many options as possible to make certain you get the best deal.

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