When to Contact Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Springfield, MA

Wrongful Termination Attorneys Springfield MA typically deal with two types of cases. First, an employee may be fired for sharing information that an employer is violating one or more laws. In the second type of case, an employee is unlawfully dismissed in violation of state employment laws. In either situation, the employee involved may choose to seek legal guidance to address the matter and ensure they are treated fairly.

When an employee learns their employer is doing something illegal, they have the right to share this information with the proper authorities. This is often referred to as whistle blowing and the employee may have already attempted to go through through the proper channels, only to find their concerns where dismissed. When the employee goes outside of the company and shares their knowledge of the wrongdoing, the employer may try to fire him or her for doing so. The state prevents this type of firing, as it discourages employees from sharing information about illegal activities.

There are times when an employer may release a staff member based simply on their race, sex, age, religion, national origin or disability. Most states now have laws prohibiting this type of discrimination, and individuals may pursue legal action in these situations. In addition, the majority of states have other laws in place concerning discrimination based on marital status or sexual orientation. Individuals who feel they may have been discriminated against should speak to wrongful termination attorneys in Springfield, MA to determine if they have a case.

Wrongful termination may also be claimed in cases where a written or implied promise is broken. When a company acts in a manner that is unfair, this may be considered a breach of fair dealing and good faith. Furthermore, public policy cannot be violated when firing an employee, and these are just a few of the many ways in which an employer may find they are on the wrong side of the law.

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