When To Consider A New Strut Assembly For Your Vehicle

For non-mechanically inclined drivers in Royal Oak and around the area, knowing about the various systems and parts that can wear in your car or truck can seem more than a bit complicated.

Simply noticing changes in the way your car handles and drives can be a very easy way to detect some types of problems, even if you aren’t well versed on vehicle repairs. This is certainly the case with the strut assembly and it will be the same for slightly older models of vehicles as well as those that are new. Older cars, depending on the specific model and year, may have a shock absorber that is located on each wheel to do the same job.

The strut assembly is located at both the front and the rear of the vehicle. It is a shock absorber that has a central shaft made up of a piston and a cylinder and a very heavy coiled spring to make your ride smoother. When you are driving on a flat road the piston is extended. If you go over a bump or irregular surface, the piston pushes up against the weight of the vehicle coming down through the liquid or gas in the cylinder and the spring. This softens the bumpy feeling in the vehicle and also keeps the wheels in full contact with the road, allowing for driver control.

Rough Ride

One of the biggest issues that Royal Oak drivers will note when there is a problem with the strut assembly is a change in the quality of the ride. You may seem to “feel the road” a lot more, with even small bumps in the road translating to a rough ride for the driver and passenger.

Many people assume this is natural as a car or truck ages. Changing the struts or the shocks and strut in the suspension system can correct this problem and have your vehicle driving smoothly again.

Turning and Leaning

Sometimes this is hard to feel for Royal Oak drivers unless they drive another car and then get into their old vehicle. When the entire vehicle seems to lean over or into a turn, it is a good sign of a suspension problem. As this often happens slowly over time, drivers can easily get used to the change and simply not notice the issue.

Finally, any movement of the body during braking, such as the front of the vehicle dipping down, is a sign of a problem. When the struts or shocks are really worn it is also possible to see hydraulic fluid under the shocks or struts, a sure sign you need to see your Royal Oak mechanic.

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