When is it Time to Call for Toilet Repair Service?

Regardless of what a person calls it-;the john, the thrown, the toilet, or the loo-;it is a necessary part of life. As a result, when it no longer works properly, it is imperative that the homeowner calls for Toilet Repair Service. Some of the telltale signs it is time to invest in this service can be found here.

Wet Bathroom Floor

Even though it is called the “water closet,” it doesn’t mean a homeowner should step into a puddle when they enter the bathroom. If this does happen, the water should be cleaned up quickly. Once all the water is gone, place a few paper towels at the base of the toilet and wait. If the area becomes wet again, the wax seal around the base of the toilet may have worn away or been damaged. It will be necessary to call for Toilet Repair Service to replace the now-missing wax ring.

Waiting for the Tank to Fill Up

If the water in the toilet rises extremely slowly, the culprit is likely a leaking flapper or broken flush valve. To find out if this is the issue, remove the tank lid and then flush the toilet. If trickling water is heard or if the valve sticks, a new flush valve is required. If water is seeping through the toilet flapper, it will take the toilet longer to fill up and will also mean prompt repairs are necessary.

Remember -; Ghosts Don’t Use the Toilet

Believe it or not, the random flush that some people hear isn’t their dearly departed Uncle Floyd or some phantom. This actually indicates a leaky flush valve that results in sporadic running water. Make sure that the ball in the tank is falling properly on the valve seal. If it is off-center or doesn’t connect, it needs to be replaced. The phantom flushes are going to continue if this repair isn’t made.

The toilet is one of the busiest seats in the entire house. However, with so much use, issues are bound to occur. Additional information about toilet repair services can be found by visiting the website .

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