When do you need a DUI lawyer?

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Lawyers

If you have been doing drugs or drinking and then decide to drive your car you risk being pulled over by the police. Although a drug user or drinker may think that he or she is perfectly sober and capable of driving, the police are very good at picking up signs that point to the contrary. When the police officer does pull you over for suspicion of DUI, he will subject you to certain tests to determine in his mind whether you should be arrested. If you are arrested, you will need a DUI drugs lawyer in Carrollton, GA.

The lawyer that you hire will be fully aware of all the laws that apply to the use of drugs or alcohol while driving and will be able to handle the case from start to its conclusion.

A good lawyer will want to hear from you what happened prior to the arrest and during the arrest, the lawyer will explain in detail what penalties to expect, these can be fines, court costs, loss of driving privileges or time in jail. When the DUI drugs lawyer in Carrollton, GA has heard your side of the story, he will attempt to challenge the arrest, make a case for a reduction in the charges or the sentence. If the lawyer has reason to believe that your constitutional rights were infringed upon and the police had no rights to stop the car in the first place, he will challenge the accuracy of the tests that were given at the time.
Standing in front of a judge is something that is very intimidating for most people, the lawyer will clarify the legalities involved in the situation and guide him on what is about to happen. A first time offender can expect a far lighter penalty than a multiple offender. In many states there are a couple of different hearings, one will be with the state DMV where your driving privileges are considered and the other will be state court where the legal ramifications are considered. In all cases the lawyer will attend the hearings with the client and advocate for him.

There are many good DUI lawyers, make it your first task after the arrest to find one who understands the law as pertains to this offense.

James B. Head, Attorney at Law, LLC provides legal representation to clients arrested on a drug or alcohol offense in Carrollton, GA.

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