What You Need to Know about Memory Care in Treasure Coast, FL

Memory care issues can emerge when a senior has trouble finding his or her way back home or when he or she shows aggression or frustration. When a cognitive impairment interferes with daily life, you need to turn to a senior resource agency about obtaining help.

That is why agencies, such as Oasis Senior Advisors – Treasure Coast, are regularly consulted about assisted living choices. Assisted living communities offer living accommodations for people who have cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. By speaking with a counselor, you can find a local community that will address and support your loved one’s special care requirements.

Does Your Parent Have Problems with Mobility?

Besides memory care in Treasure Coast, FL, assisted living retirement communities also offer assistance to seniors who have mobility issues. For example, your elderly parent or loved one may need assistance in this area if he or she has fallen or is fearful of falling in their home. An older parent or loved one also needs help if he or she has difficulties standing, or is only living in one or two rooms. If you notice a parent grabbing a chair in order to maintain his or her balance, you need to review senior living choices online or with a counselor.

Does Your Parent Feel Lonely?

Many times, a patient who requires memory care will communicate that they feel lonely or exhibit signs of depression. These signs may take the form of frequent napping or spending most of the time inside the house. Missing appointments is also a strong indicator about their mental state.

Therefore, assisted living facilities that feature memory care for residents make this type of transition a more positive experience. In fact, according to research, most seniors who live in independent retirement communities or assisted living facilities are happy about the move they made. Not only do they feel more secure, they can also take part in activities that are interesting and engaging.

If you have a loved one that requires memory care or assistance with the tasks of daily living, contact a senior resource representative today. The sooner you make contact, the sooner you will ensure your loved one’s happiness and security. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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