What You Need To Know About a Transmission Fluid Filter

It is recommended that you change your vehicle’s transmission fluid filter regularly to maintain and improve the life span of your vehicle. The filter ensures that contaminants are kept out of the transmission fluid. A transmission filter plays a very important role in keeping your transmission operating smoothly.

Importance of a Transmission Fluid Filter
The transmission plays an important role in keeping your vehicle moving. Without the transmission, it is difficult for your vehicle to move. The filter is placed above the transmission pan, and the role of the filter is to absorb excess fluid. The transmission fluid collects the dirt and other waste materials from the fluid before sending it to transmission. If there is any problem with your transmission filter, it will affect the performance of your vehicle and the chances of the transmission being damaged increases.

Change Your Own Filter
You can purchase a kit that includes everything you need for replacing the filter. The kit should include:
Transmission Fluid Filter: It is a metal plate containing slats, through which the fluid passes. A fibrous medium is kept inside the metal plate. This fibrous medium traps all the dirt and waste material from your fluid.
Gasket: The role of a gasket is to lock the filter to the transmission pan and ensures that no fluid escapes from filtering.
Pickup Tube: The filter is connected to an oil pump by a pickup tube.
Seal: An O-ring shaped seal is the last component of the fluid filter kit. The purpose of the seal is to lock the pickup tube and the transmission case.

The transmission filter is very important to keep your vehicle free from transmission problems. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for how often the transmission fluid filter should be replaced and improve the performance and life of your vehicle.

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