What You Must Know About Skin Rejuvenation

Is your skin wrinkled, sun damaged or blemished in some way? If so, your confidence levels have probably taken a hit since those days when you had a youthful complexion. Don’t worry though, because skin rejuvenation services are rapidly growing in popularity and could help new skin cells form, resulting in the treatment of minor facial flaws. Before you attend a clinic to get this non-invasive skin treatment completed by a qualified professional, it’s a good idea to ease your mind by learning about what the procedure involves.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Knowing if you are a good candidate for laser skin rejuvenation before you step into the clinic will save you some time, which you can then use to craft a list of questions for the skin care specialists. Generally, people who have acne scars and blemishes, hyperpigmentation problems as a result of sun exposure, or fine lines around the mouth and eyes will be a good candidate. Consider organising a visit to your nearest dermatologist before contacting skin rejuvenation specialists, so that your skin condition can be assessed and you can be given a trusted go-ahead for the procedure to be completed.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Described as minimally invasive, skin rejuvenation procedures of this kind are fairly straightforward. It will usually take between 30 and 45 minutes for small portions of the skin to be treated. If you require a full-face treatment, expect to be sat inside the clinic for an hour or two. Sometimes, numbing cream or a local anesthetic will be applied to the areas of skin being treated but this will depend on your tolerance pain, because the procedure is fairly painless. Once layers of skin and dead skin cells have been carefully removed, the skin will be bandaged and you will be advised to apply petroleum jelly to prevent the formation of skin scabs.

Preparing for Skin Rejuvenation

Make sure you are completely honest with the person who is performing skin rejuvenation services. Why, you ask? Well, cold sores and blisters will put the treatment on hold, as this might cause a blemish breakout. It’s advisable to stop smoking or at least cut down on the amount you smoke prior to treatment commencing, so that the skin receives more oxygen and heals faster. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and prevent infections caused by bacteria by taking antibiotics or supplements ahead of treatment.

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