What to Look for in an Insurance Appraisals Minnesota Company

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Appraisal

If you have a valuable item, it is important that you get an insurance appraisal and then insure it. Without an appraisal, it is difficult, if not impossible, to put a value on the item if it ever gets destroyed or stolen. As such, your insurance company may pay you significantly less than what it is worth. This is why appraisals in and of themselves are so important. But, while an appraisal is important, the company you use for insurance appraisals in Minnesota is equally as important. Here are some factors you need to look for in an insurance appraisal company.


One of the most important things to look for in an insurance appraisal company is insurance. The company has to handle the item to examine it and place a value on it. Unfortunately, accidents happen, even with the best company. You need to ensure the company examining it has insurance, or you could end up out the money if the examiner accidentally drops, breaks, loses or otherwise damages the item.


When you are looking for an insurance appraisals in Minnesota company, always look for an experienced company. A lot of what goes into appraising items simply cannot be taught. Much of it is learned through years of examining and appraising items. Therefore, you want the person who is appraising your item to have the experience needed to know what an item is really worth. This ensures they give you a fair and accurate appraisal amount.


The last thing that you need to look for in an insurance appraisal company is their reputability and reputation. If a company has the reputation of over-appraising items, your insurance company may not even accept their appraisal, and may make you get a second one, or get one through their recommended company. Or, if a company has a reputation for underestimating the appraisal cost, your item could be appraised for significantly less than what the true value is, which could cost you if it becomes damaged or goes missing. Always read online reviews and reviews with the Better Business Bureau to find out a company’s reputation.

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