What to Know About Childrens CT Scanning in Riverhead NY

Children’s computed tomography (CT) is a fast, painless examination that uses advanced x-ray technology to take pictures of a child’s internal organs, blood vessels, soft tissues, and bones. Since they produce images with high clarity, children’s CT scans are very useful for physicians. The scan can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the area under review and the complexity of the scan. The information from the scan is used by health professionals to diagnosis and plan treatment. Here are some important details to know about Childrens CT Scanning in Riverhead NY.

Common Uses of the Pediatric CT Scans

Pediatric CT scans are used to diagnose a wide range of conditions due to injury or illnesses. They are used to diagnose and monitor inflammatory or infectious disorders, evaluate for injury after trauma, diagnose causes of abdominal pain and monitor response to treatment for cancer. CT scans can also be done to assess the chest and blood vessels throughout the body. In the pelvic region, CT scans are used to detect tumors or cysts in the pelvic, check for stones in the urinary tract and assess disease in the pelvic bones.

How a Pediatric CT Scan Is Done

During a pediatric CT scan, the child is positioned on a CT examination table. Pillows and straps are used to allow the patient to maintain the correct position and hold still during the procedure. The technologist will go to the adjacent room and begin the scan. Depending on the type of the exam, a contrast material may be used. The contrast medium can be injected or swallowed. The patient may be asked to hold their breath during the scanning process, especially if the chest area is being reviewed. The images from a CT scan are analyzed and interpreted by a radiologist. The radiologist will write an official report to the primary care physician who referred the patient for the exam.

These are some important details to know about Childrens CT Scanning in Riverhead NY. It is important to choose an experienced CT scanning specialist to ensure that the entire procedure is done correctly. For more info about pediatric CT scanning.

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