What To Do If Your Roof Is Damaged By Hail

Of all the elements that go into making a house perhaps the roof is the one that takes the biggest beating. A typical roof gets pelted with rain, has to cope with heavy snow loads in the winter and the harsh rays of the sun in the summer. A roof is built to withstand these attacks but a hail storm is a different story all together. Hail the size of a golf ball can do tremendous damage to the roof of your home and as much as everyone wishes there was such a thing as a hail-proof roof, there isn’t yet such a thing.

Assessing the damage from hail:

After your roof has been exposed to the effects of a vicious hail storm you will have to call an Aurora IL roofer to properly assess the damage. It may be hard to believe but the force of a good size hail stone impacting your roof can be equal to hitting your roof with a sledge hammer. Once the storm has passed, as a homeowner your first priority should be to check for damage. You will not be able to do this from the inside of the home although a hail stone can actually puncture a shingle which will certainly result in a leaky roof when the first rains come.

Determining the amount of damage:

* Keep an eye on the condition of the roof surface for a few weeks and document any evident changes in appearance.
* Check in the gutters; look for an excessive amount of roof granules. The granules are the sand like surface of a shingle

If there is damage immediately visible contact your insurance company and then contact a skilled Aurora IL roofer to make repairs. If repairs are not made timely the damage can only become worse.

Repairing hail damage:

Although modern roofing can be damaged to the point where the integrity of your roof is broached the greatest majority of damage from hail is cosmetic. Although this may be true you will still want to have the damage assessed by a professional. To the typical homeowner the damage may not seem significant but an Aurora IL roofer knows that even moderate damage if left untouched can cause leaks and shorten the life expectancy of the roof. It is not really the initial damage from the hail that is the big problem; it is the long-term damage that occurs if it is not attended to.

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