What To Consider With Organic Whole Food Supplements

There are many whole foods, plants and herbs used in various cultures and areas of the world which have health benefits in addition to their nutritional value. This can include the whole plant or parts of the plant prepared, dried, or ground. These organic whole food supplements can be used to support general health, treat specific symptoms or to help to balance the body.

It is important to understand organic whole food supplements are not the same as a medicine prescribed by your physician. They are instead a holistic type of treatment which may complement other treatment options. It is also essential to realize herbal treatments and organic whole food supplements must be used according to directions.

The Organic Advantage

One very big advantage to organic whole food supplements is there are no added chemicals, preservatives, additives or ingredients to the product. Instead, you are getting plants or plant parts and components grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers.

Some organic products may contain GMOs, so be sure to look for the Non-GMO label. You would also carefully read the ingredients as some companies use fillers in their organic whole food supplements and not pure product. While this may not be a negative, it is not going to provide the same results as a pure supplementation would.

Follow Directions

There are some types of organic whole food supplements which may cause mild to moderate side effects for some people. This is typically because of a digestive sensitivity or even a specific allergic reaction.

Simply reading online and knowing what side effects to watch for will provide you with early warnings of any possible reaction. Discontinuing use of the supplement is typically all which will be required for the symptoms to subside.

As with any type of herbal supplement or holistic treatment, always read the dosage and use instructions carefully. Just like prescription or over the counter medications it is possible to use too much of any of the organic whole food supplements. By following directions and staying to the recommended levels of use this is a preventable issue.

Last but not least, for anyone with a known health condition or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, talking with your doctor before starting any organic whole food supplements is important. Generally these are safe for use for everyone, but verification from your doctor is always the safest option.


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